Interior Design

When arranging the room for children of different sex, you should take into account their different needs, and the need for privacy. When children are small the need for privacy is not as prominent. But in later stages it can be a problem, especially if the children are of the opposite sex.



When selecting colors for children of the opposite sex, you should make some sort of compromise. Combinations that best suit the boy and the girl. So convenient to shades of green, blue or orange details, and the combination of orange and yellow, green and dark blue details. The boy and girl of school age they more space to store toys in the corner so you can set the box and shelf delay toys, picture books and pencils. If both children are of school age, then you can share the table with chairs.


Boy corner can visually separate from the girl corner – the different treatment of the walls, another color combination of furniture, bedding for boys with motives, and the like.

Large space in the room means a common area for play. Cover it with carpet, which can be a neutral beige color or patterns – that can be applied in rooms for boys and girls. Besides carpet, can be placed and decorated pillows for sitting and playing on the floor. When it comes to school children, should take into account the needs and changes in the school age.





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