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Today we live in world where every inch of the living space matters. A lot people live in a small apartment and homes, and they want to change that. If you have small living room and you want to make it visually bigger, than you must follow some simple rules. Living rooms are often insufficiently large rooms. Even when they have a nice large space, the owners would like to have at least more space, so they will not look so cluttered. If you have not already decorate it, see the following investment in the apartment- installing a plasma TV on the wall. It will free up your bureau for other things or you will be able to completely remove it to make more free space.

Use lighter colors furniture for the living room,because it however, has less visual weight. In addition, it should not be on the floor but on small legs for airy impression. Dark furniture consumes a lot of space. Beside that, set a carpet in a lighter color. Lighter shades of green and blue combined with neutral colors will give the impression of a spacious living room. Set some pillows or rugs. Minimize the number of colors to three.
It will function perfect with monochrome palettes in a small living room. Also, bright floors will give a sense of purity and warmth. Use a medium or large wall decorations or pictures. In addition, place them at eye level directly over the larger pieces of furniture. Do not set a lot of small pictures in one place as it will give the effect of reducing the room. Place some mirror in the room. It is widely known that they increase the space. However, it is not that easy. Place them where they will reflect light. If they reflect things and furniture, the effect will be the opposite.

Image via Caren Alpert

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Image via Caren Alpert
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Image via Caren Alpert

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