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Spring Kindergarten in Wanchai by Joey Ho Design: Design concept
Spring is a newly established learning center for children with the aim to help them achieve their development and learning potential during the crucial growth years. With this philosophy in mind, the designer came up with a concept that would enrich the learning experience — dual perspective. By bringing together the perspectives of a child and an adult, and manifested in the space, furniture and details, it is hoped to facilitate a dialogue and interaction between the children, parents and educators. Throughout the centre, fairy tale-like cliches gave way to a neutral palette of white, light green, pastel blue and wood, with a few touches that bring back happy childhood memories. The tree houses and swings in the cafe are inspired by the outside greenery, and a hilly relief feature create cozy cocoons for reading or internet surfing.

 Two furniture systems catering to children and adults respectively have been designed and placed together in the various functional spaces. For example, the reception counter is fitted with stairs to allow kids to climb up and communicate with the staff directly. The cooking studio is modeled after a professional kitchen, equipped with stainless steel worktops and kitchen equipment which are reduced to child dimensions to give about an authentic cooking experience. Likewise, the bathroom features a dual height washbasin in the form of a fountain, which lets adults and children share the same facility and thereby forging a closer relationship.
floor plan
Design Company:        Joey Ho Design Limited
Designer:                     Joey Ho
Design team:               Noel Chan
Branding Design:         Eddy Yu & Hung Lam (Co Design Limited)
Location:                      Centre Point, 181-185 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Area:                             697 sq. m. (7,500 sq. ft.)
Completion (date) :      March 2013
Finishing materials :    Clear Glass, Clear Mirror, Glass, Wood Veneer, Laminated floor, Paint, Vinyl Floor, Fabric, Corian, Marble, Tiles, Carpet, Mirror Stainless Steel, Hairline Stainless Steels
Photographer :              Dick Liu


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