Interior Design

The owners of this Georgian townhouse had an advantage when it came to renovating their home. The interior designer they called, Henriette von Stockhausen, had directed their home’s initial renovation some 15 years earlier and knew their likes and dislikes inside and out. “We’ve known the family for a long time, and we understand how their lives work and what they enjoy,” Von Stockhausen says. “I know [the mother] so well, I can predict exactly what sort of wallpaper and fabric she’ll like.” 

With four young children in the house, the biggest challenge for Von Stockhausen was designing a space that would stand up to the wear and tear of family life without compromising on beauty. It was difficult to keep a clean and pretty look while making it work for everyday life, Von Stockhausen says. The designer used hidden storage to keep the design streamlined, and retained some traditional elements to ensure it didn’t end up being a standard clean look, but rather a detailed, nuanced and elegant interior.


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